This week was the official launch of three new series on Instagram designed to help inspire you in your journey with Jesus.  I don’t have formal names for them, but the series are:

Daily Bible Memes (every day)

Bible Meme based on YouVersion - John 6:40
Bible meme created using YouVersion.

These are based on the daily Bible verse from YouVersion.  I create these using images I like on Unsplash (my preferred source), Pexels, or pictures I take, and the fonts provided by YouVersion.  These memes aren’t “branded,” in that they don’t include my logo or use my selected fonts.  Also, the text is arranged so that it wraps around the content of the image.

I’ve been posting these for a while, but decided to make it an official “series” on Instagram.

Biblegrams (Monday – Friday)

Biblegram by John Rothra - 1 Chron 13:8
Old Testament Biblegram with JLR branding.

Not an original name, but it works.  These are Bible verses added on top of images I choose from Unsplash or Pexels.  Unlike the daily Bible memes, these are branded and have an overall consistent design.  I select images that, I believe, help tell the story or convey the feeling found in the passage.  One of my coworkers said the design appears inspired by the classic daily Bible calendars, and they liked that.

Old Testament (except Psalms and Proverbs) passages are posted on Mondays; Psalms and Proverbs are on Wednesdays; New Testament passages are posted on Fridays.

Inspirational Quotes (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Inspirational quote graphic by John Rothra
Inspirational quote graphic with JLR branding.

Another highly creative title, right?  Like the Biblegrams, these are branded, have a consistent design, and try to match the picture with the message and feeling of the quote.  However, where the Biblegrams will vary regarding the location of the text, on these, the text will always be centered.  Also, I use a semi-transparent black square with white text for the quote images, whereas the Biblegrams use a white rectangle and black text.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see these daily nuggets of visual inspiration.  I hope they are a blessing to you and help you in your spiritual journey.

UPDATE: 12 Oct 2018

I’ve looked at the activity and how often others post similar content.  Based on this, the schedule has been revised so that more content will be posted.  Changes will take effect 14 October 2018.  The dates above reflect the new schedule.

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