Forgotten Blessings: The Little Things from God

We thank God for the big blessings, but overlook the small blessings. Rightly remembers, those small blessings are really really big!

What would you say if someone asked you, “What has God done for you today?” I’ve asked many people this question and I’ve discovered the answer falls into one of four categories:

  • healing miracles;
  • financial miracles;
  • family/social miracles;
  • “I don’t know” answers.

These answers seem to show that people take God for granted. Ask any wife what is most important in marriage and ‘the little things’ will be somewhere near the top, if not the number one answer. Wifes cherish the little things from their husbands. A husband must do those ‘little things’ for their wives as a part of their self-sacrificial love. If you ask those same wives if their husband always does the little things all the time, it may not be suprising to find that less than 100% say “yes.”

Unlike most husbands, God never stops doing the little things. As a result, we often overlook those little things God does for us, looking for the big miracles of life. What are some of the little things God does for us? Well, some of these may seem extremely simplistic, but they are often overlooked and always critical to life.

God’s ‘little blessings’ include:
… keeping our lungs breathing;
… keeping our hearts beating;
… sunrises every morning/sunsets every evening;
… flowers to smell and enjoy;
… trees to sit under to read that good book;
… and much more.

Today, I encourage you to stop and think about the little things God has done for you. Say a prayer of thanksgiving and praise Him for those wonderful blessings. Don’t allow those blessings to remain forgotten, but always remember God’s graciousness.

Not only did God provide things which make this life possible, but God also provided a way to have life after this. God sent His son to take the punishment we all deserve because of our sin. Nobody is completely innocent, but God can redeem you, if you believe in His one and only Son: Jesus! God will forgive your sins, clothe you with His son, and save you to live forever in heaven. The only way to be saved is by accepting Jesus. It’s a free gift from God. Will you accept this gift today?

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