1X Evangelism

a kingdom growth strategy for the local church

Most Christians do not regularly share their faith. This can change. This will change. 1X Evangelism helps believers re-engage in personal evangelism.
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LifeWay Research shows that up to 78% of Christians do not regularly evangelize. 1X Evangelism introduces a churchwide strategy designed to help Christians re-engage in personal evangelism.

Most Christians believe evangelism should increase, yet more and more believers are disengaging from evangelism. Traditional church evangelism methods are no longer as effective.

1X Evangelism introduces a new approach:

a churchwide personal evangelism strategy.

Highly Flexible

1X is can be customized for your church's needs and situation.

Designed for Small Churches

1X was designed with small local churches in mind.

Scalable Model

1X is can be scaled to work within medium and larger churches.

1X Evangelism uniquely combines church invitations, personal evangelism, and small groups into a churchwide personal evangelism strategy inspired by previous visionaries.


A Classic Approach Re-envisioned

The "1X Method"

1X combines church invitations with personal evangelism to help individuals share the gospel with greater ease.

Every-Member Evangelism

1X focuses on every member of the church engaging in personal evangelism.

"EMT" Small Groups

Evangelistic Ministry Teams (EMTs) are small groups focused on helping each other engage in evangelism.

Customizable Strategy

1X's strategy is can be adpted to small churches, medium churches, and large churches.

How the 1X Method Works


gospel presentation


church invitation


time period
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Praise from the Experts

Revitalize your personal evangelism using the 1X Evangelism strategy!