Fisher of Men and Eater of Fish

This non-seafood eater made a very interesting discovery while grilling supper. A food I hated (because it was always ill-prepared) I actually love!

I discovered something tonight during supper: I like grilled salmon. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, so what.” For me it’s big news. First, I’m not a seafood fan. I’ve tried many kinds and have only liked tuna (canned in water), fried catfish, and fried bass so far. Shrimp, lobster, crab, etc. are not to my liking. My family knows I’m not a fish eater. I was raised on salmon patties and didn’t really like those much, either. So, for me to try more fish is rare. To like it is noteworthy!

I reached a point when I realized I might as well try it. But I had to grill it myself. Thanks to my father-in-law, who gave me a simple recipe and grilling instructions, I was able to grill it, as my wife said, “to perfection.” She loved it! I grilled it right. Then I tasted it and it was absolutely wonderful! After eating the first portion, I had seconds. And I’m not a fish eater. It all came from my willingness to open my mind to trying something new. I had to let go of my years of pride and rejection of fish. When I finally tasted it, it was more wonderful than others said it was.

God is like that, too. When we let go of our pride, rejection of Him, and approach Him with an open mind, we realize that He, too, is more wonderful than others describe. Some people are unwilling to give God a chance because He doesn’t meet their standards. Some turn away from God because they are afraid they might not like it. Some reject God because they’ve “tried” Him once before and didn’t like Him. I had tried salmon patties and didn’t like them. I like grilled salmon, though. In order to appreciate God and experience something more wonderful, more pleasing than any food, we need to be willing to let go of our pride.

Don’t let one bad preacher or one bad experience taint your entire life. Don’t live your life closed-minded and unwilling to give God a chance. Just as I now know what I was missing by never trying grilled salmon years ago, you don’t know what you’re missing with God until you are willing to try Him.

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