Seeing through the eyes of God

When looking at others, do you see those who need a loving savior? When you look at yourself, do you see a person who has not been forgiven?

Many people wear glasses and children are constantly chided and mocked by other kids as ‘four eyes’ or wearing ‘coke bottles.’ Despite the attempts to make glasses seem ‘cool’ or fashionable, a negative stigma remains for those who simply want to clearly see. Those who wear glasses, myself included, need these glasses to see, for without them, things are fuzzy, unclear, and out of focus.

Our lives often get that way: fuzzy and out of focus. When this happens, we do whatever we can to find ways to clear the picture and have things make sense. The most sure way to gain focus in life is to not put on the shades offered by false teachings of the world, but to put on God’s spiritual glasses… to see through the eyes of God. This means we must see others as God sees them and see ourselves through His eyes.

When looking at others, do you see those who need a loving savior? Do you see those who are downtrodden and needing help? Luke 3:10-14 teaches us we must help others by treating them fairly and with respect. Help those in need; be fair in your business dealings; and don’t lie, steal, or cheat to get the upper hand or climb the social or corporate ladder. When you begin to see others through God’s spiritual glasses, you will see this is how people must deal with each other.

But the vision does not end there. Luke 3:15-17 tells us Christ will come to separate those who are saved and those who are not. Those who are saved will spend eternity in heaven. Those who are not saved will be cast into the fires of hell. God desires all be saved. But doing this requires we look at ourselves as God sees us.

Each person is a sinful person; we all have done wrong at some point. Because of this sin, we are not worthy to be in God’s presence. Jesus came and died to pay for our sin and offer the chance to be forgiven. This is a free gift. Jesus rose from the dead to provide all those who call on Him as Lord and Savior to have eternal life. This, too, is a free gift.

When you look at yourself, do you see a person who has not been forgiven? Have you asked Jesus into your life? Can you remember a time when you asked Jesus into your heart to forgive your sin and save you? If not, now is the time do so. Jesus’ blood will cleanse you and God will welcome you into his family… all you have to do is believe! When it comes to salvation, you cannot earn it, you don’t deserve it, but you can have it! Those who are saved can see themselves through God’s eyes as redeemed and forgiven.

If you are saved, the vision does not end there. Does your life reflect the life of a Christian? Are you serving God today? Are you striving to walk away from sin or justifying your sin? Does your daily life glorify God according to the Bible? If not, now is the time to repent and turn toward Christ. Rededicate yourself to Bible study, church participation, and an life of taking up your cross on a daily basis. God will be glorified and He will bless you for your walk with Him.

It all begins by seeing through the eyes of God!

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    Good writing. Do you have an RSS feed where can I suscribe? I tried using bloglines but couldn’t.

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