God Bless the Ministry Nobodies

Churches come in many sizes. Some ministers become well-known while many serve in obscurity with no platform or audience to share their much-needed wisdom.

Ministry is full of them.  Their numbers are vast, and they span not only the nation, but the whole globe.  They go about their days toiling, thinking, struggling, and stressing, yet often remain unnoticed.

They are the ministry nobodies.

The Identity of Ministry Nobodies

That isn’t to say they don’t matter to someone.  They matter greatly to those whom they serve.

Ministry nobodies don’t pastor megachurches.  They won’t get a book deal with a major publishing house.  They aren’t related to a famous person or a high-profile minister.

Nobodies often serve in small churches and overlooked ministries, living out 2 Timothy 2:2 and Matthew 28:18-20 as best they can.  They may be pastors, worship leaders, church administrators, or volunteers.  But you’ll likely never hear their name.

Those that are on social media only have a handful of followers.  Their content isn’t viewed by many, probably because they don’t tweet, vlog, or write about every new trend or current event.  That, and they aren’t famous.  They’re . . . nobodies.

Ministry nobodies aren’t often involved in denominational politics, and often disdain it altogether.  They don’t climb the proverbial church ladder because the opportunities don’t come their way.  Even if they do, few would accept.

The Wisdom of Ministry Nobodies

Ministry nobodies are just like us.  They have family and friends.  They struggle with the daily routines and responsibilities of life, trying to find ways to provide or even survive.  Yet, they continue doing what they can to help the few around them without fanfare or notoriety.

Although they aren’t social media influencers or leading large churches, they possess great insight into ministry.  In many ways, they may understand true ministry better than those famous, high-profile people most of us follow online or whose books we see on the store shelves.

Ministry nobodies are often highly educated.  Whether it be years of experience, seminary degrees, or both, the nobodies understand theology and church work as well as or better than many with PhDs and megachurches.

During their lifetime, they have been through the mud and muck of ministry, toiling and serving their congregations and local churches.  They’ve struggled in their faith, but continued onward for the glory of God.  They’ve persevered through the hardships of ministry for the sake of the gospel.  As a result, they’ve gained wisdom and experience that many need, but from which few benefit.

The Need for Ministry Nobodies

Ministry is what they do and who they are.  They’ve seen much and understand more.  Yet, they remain unheard nobodies.  Like sound in a vacuum, their voices ring silent.

Nevertheless, their voices are the most needed.

Ministry nobodies could join with others at denominational meetings, but they realize that they will be tadpoles amongst the sea of big names and big churches.

Ministry nobodies, serving tiny congregations, won’t be invited to preach in seminary chapels or to speak at large religious events and conferences.  You won’t see their name on the Amazon best seller list.  Despite their vast knowledge and experience, few know of them and fewer would even listen.

Yet, their voices are the most needed.

Like fools on their ministry hills, they possess wisdom that would help many, but no audience with which to share it.  So, they continue to toil in obscurity, remaining ministry nobodies.

God bless you, ministry nobodies.  Continue in faith and remain strong in Christ knowing that, to him, you are very much a ministry somebody.

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