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Outreach Strategy

Growth means outreach. Outreach requires a strategy. Let us help you develop an outreach strategy to engage your community.

1X Evangelism

Most Christians do not regularly share their faith. This can change. This will change. 1X Evangelism helps believers re-engage in personal evangelism.

Web Design

A website is more than a commercial; it is you digitized. Let us help you use the web and social media to empower members and reach a mobile world.

Latest Articles

Visitors should be respected and appreciated.

An Innovative Approach to First Time Visitor Follow-Ups

Churches often have visitors. However, their experience determines whether or not they return. Here are the two steps to effective visitor follow-up.

Christians should unite in the gospel, not divide over dogma.

Don’t Let Theological Differences Become Gospel Dividers

Jesus prayed his disciples would be united, yet often Christians find things to divide over. It’s time that we unite in the gospel, not divide over dogma.

Operation Ignite Houston Evangelism Encounter promotional poster

Dr. Rothra Speaking at Operation Ignite Houston Evangelism Conference this September

Dr. Rothra will be joining others at “Operation Ignite Houston,” an evangelism conference coming to Houston on September 15-17, 2016.


Good Reads for Responsive Web Design for Large and UHD Screens

In responsive web design sometimes the simplest things get overlooked. One such issue is UHD and larger screens. These articles deal with this issue.

Mt Rushmore

Has Liberty Given Way to Conformity?

Americans value their freedoms such as free speech. Liberty, though, is giving way to conformity as people try to force others to fall in line or get out.

Proverbs 1:7

1X Evangelism Scriptures Semi-Annual Gallery: January – June 2016

Inspirational memes from the “1X Evangelism Scriptures” series on Facebook. These Bible memes are from January through June 2016.

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