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Information and motivation to move your outreach forward. Book Dr. Rothra to speak to your group, organization, or event.

1X Evangelism

Most Christians do not regularly share their faith. This can change. This will change. 1X Evangelism helps believers re-engage in personal evangelism.

Outreach Strategy

Growth means outreach. Outreach requires a strategy. Let us help you develop an outreach strategy to engage your community.


“John Rothra has developed a practical, helpful, and doable approach to sharing Christ and making disciples that can help your church move forward in evangelistic impact.”
(From 1X Evangelism)

Dr. Alvin Reid

Dr. Alvin Reid

Professor of Evangelism, SEBTS

“Regardless of the structure that best fits your personality or your church, Rothra’s 1X provides simplistic and strategic impetus to maximize your evangelistic efforts and increase your witnessing effectiveness.”
(From 1X Evangelism)

Dr. Glynn Stone

Dr. Glynn Stone

Senior Pastor, Mobberly Baptist Church
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Heavy metal songs related to Easter

Easter Music: Metal Style

A short sample of metal songs about events related to Passover and it’s fulfillment on Easter.

Easter Sermons by Dr. John L. Rothra

Short Collection of Easter Sermons by Dr. John L. Rothra

A short collection of Easter sermons to help you discover Jesus and learn to walk with him.

We can learn much about cross-cultural missions and evangelizing other faiths from Paul's activities in Athens and his Mars Hill sermon.

What Paul’s Sermon at Mars Hill Teaches Us about Evangelizing Other Faiths

Paul’s interaction with people of other beliefs and philosophies teaches us much about how to do the same today.

Correct discipleship requires teaching correct doctrine.

Correct Discipleship Requires Teaching Correct Doctrine

Christian education and discipleship too often includes teaching false, shallow, or no theology. Correct discipleship requires teaching correct doctrine.

Etiquette guide for dating and life.

Dating Guide: A Response to the Utah Assignment Controversy

A useful dating guide written in response to a controversial dating assignment made in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Recommended resources for understanding the Calvinism debate.

Good Resources for Understanding the Calvinism Debate

The debate over Calvinism can be confusing or overwhelming. These books will help you understand the issues involved in a biblical, respectful manner.

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