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Information and motivation to move your outreach forward. Book Dr. Rothra to speak to your group, organization, or event.

1X Evangelism

Most Christians do not regularly share their faith. This can change. This will change. 1X Evangelism helps believers re-engage in personal evangelism.

Outreach Strategy

Growth means outreach. Outreach requires a strategy. Let us help you develop an outreach strategy to engage your community.


“In 1X Evangelism John Rothra dares to believe that those who remember the evangelistic successes of the past become capable of seeing them repeated.”
(From 1X Evangelism)

Dr. Matt Queen

Dr. Matt Queen

Associate Professor of Evangelism, SWBTS

“1X Evangelism returns to the basics and encourages believers to begin again. Shifted awareness of lostness, a message to share, and a Savior to save is as simple as it gets. This timely piece brings a fresh awareness of the simple back into light with biblical panache.”
(From 1X Evangelism)

Dr. Keith Eitel

Dr. Keith Eitel

Dean, School of Evangelism & Missions, SWBTS
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Book Review of James Emery White’s The Rise of the Nones

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