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When Christians Let You Down

It can hurt when others mock you for doing what's right, especially if they claim to be Christians. God reminded me to ignore the trolls and lean on him.

Two Examples of Making Evangelism a Priority

Evangelism should be a priority in churches. Finding the best way to accomplish this can be difficult. Here are two examples of churches that ensure sharing the gospel of Jesus remains a priority that, hopefully, will inspire you.

Three Steps to Living Out the Word of God

God gave us his word in order to help us be more like Jesus and to know God more. In this devotional, I outline three steps to living out God's word on a daily basis. A lesson from 2 Timothy 3.

A Memorial Day Video Tribute to our Fallen Heroes

Serving our country is a sacrifice. Some, though, make the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives in defense of this great nation. May we never forget their sacrifice and the sacrifice of the friends and loved ones left behind.

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