Six Truths of Easter that We All Must Remember

Easter is about truth. People have different beliefs, yet truth remains constant. Here are six truths of Easter we all need to learn or remember.

Many recognize the season, fewer affirm the religion, and even fewer confess true faith. In the end, truth remains, regardless of what we think, know, or even choose to believe. What is the truth?

Truth #1: We are all sinners

Every individual has done things wrong. These are sins. No exceptions. Every one of us are guilty and earned our due wage.

Truth #2: We are all sentenced to death

Every sin brings the death penalty. There are no degrees, misdemeanors, or felonies. There is only sin. Those who sin earn death. Thus, all of us have earned the death penalty. However, there is hope.

Truth #3: Jesus paid for sin

Jesus—the Messiah, the Promised One—willingly sacrificed himself for the sins of others. He took the sin of man upon himself. Thus, sin was credited to him who committed no sin. He then paid the wage we all have earned: he was tortured and killed, paying a debt he did not owe. This fully satifisfied God’s justice and wrath. He was not done, however.

Truth #4: Jesus physically rose from tomb

Many doubted then, and many doubt today. Nevertheless, Jesus is alive. He did not fake his death (the guards were not fools). His body was not hidden (the disciples were shocked to see him again). They did not get the location wrong (people don’t forget where they buried their closest friend, mentor, leader, and Lord). He physically came back to life and left that tomb, defeating death. This guarantees hope and new life to those who believe.

Truth #5: Every person who believes will be saved

Some say this is exclusive. However, it’s very inclusive. Everyone who believes is saved. Regardless of race, hair color, national heritage, gender, etc., every single person who believes in their heart that Jesus died for their sins, rose again, and confesses him as their only Lord and Savior is saved. We do not deserve it, nor can we earn it. This is grace. And it is received by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

Truth #6: He is the only Messiah, the one and only way, truth, and life

Buddha cannot save you. Mohammed cannot save you. Allah will not save you. Hinduism cannot save you. Doing good cannot save you. Only Jesus saves. Only Jesus is Lord. Only Jesus is savior.

Will you believe in Jesus this Easter?

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