As Easter approaches each year, it seems so does everything else. Between work, family, church, and everything else, life gets very busy. During these times it is easy to get very stressed out.

I get home from Ohio, where I preached a revival (check out previous blog entries) only to find myself having to prepare for two major tests, two quizzes, one oral group report, two research papers, one book review, one sermon outline and subsequent sermon, and that’s just for classwork in three weeks time. Add onto that family, sermons for church, Sunday school lessons, and everything else, including time at my part-time job at LifeWay.

I don’t say all this as a complaint, but to show how things can become very stressful. It’s in these times, if I don’t trust God, I can become irritable, short-tempered, and mean. In order to avoid that, I must remember three things.

1. There is hope

Jesus died for me, and for you, so that we could have eternal life with him in heaven. All the stresses of this world will pass away when I enter into the presence of God on the throne in heaven. All this is mine because God loved me so much he died for me and rose again.

2. These problems are only temporary

Tests will pass, this semester will pass, and all I have to do press on. I need to press on, deal with each thing, one thing at a time, and do the best I can.

3. Don’t let the stress rule me

I cannot give in to the stress. Rather, whenever I feel stress coming on, I need to remember to “seek first the kingdom of God.” Instead of worrying about everything and making that worry the dictator of how I live, I need to let God rule my life. Let God be my shoulder, my leaning post, my support, my Lord! Rather than fall into the sin of serving stress, I must live in the Lordship of the Savior!

I’ve dealt with more stressful things than mentioned above. I’ve even been so worried about things I started questioning if God really loved me or cared. Its in those times that we are called to build up our faith, not abandon it. God is always there for us, providing what we need, not what we want. God’s purpose will always be fulfilled, and His glory will be shown. However bad it seems, remember God is in control. He will work things out for your benefit. You may not see it now, but trusting Him anyway is what faith is about–trusting in the unseen.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and Jesus is that light. Look toward Jesus, not the problems. Focus on Christ, not the worry. Trust God with your life today.