A Journey to Rediscover Ourselves and Our Calling
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A Journey to Rediscover Ourselves and Our Calling

Life events have led us to re-evaluate and refocus ourselves regarding work and family.  I hope this brief summary inspires you in your journey.

Went to Tampa, Did Some Good

This afternoon all of us went to Tampa to get some things at Costco and Men's Wearhouse among other places. As we were driving around trying to find Costco using the convoluted and not-so-accurate map Costco provided online, I noticed a little tree frog about the size of a dime…

Home Sweet New Home

We arrived in Inverness, Florida around 6:30 PM Monday, October 1. We just today got internet connected at the house we're renting, so I'm just now able to sit down and type of the final installment of our journey from Texas to Florida. Mayflower arrived this afternoon and brought all…

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