3 Characteristics of Christian Life and Church Ministry

Most Christians know we're supposed to be gospel-centered. These three characteristics summarize what Christian living and church ministry are about.

Most Christians realize that we’re supposed to be gospel-centered (or Jesus-centered).  That is, everything we are, say, do, and desire is supposed to be based on the gospel of Jesus.

I started wondering the other day what this looks like and how to summarize it.  After a few moments (and some random scribbles on note paper), three characteristics stood out that, I believe, fully summarize being a Christian and church ministry.

Knowing . . . the gospel of Jesus
. . . the gospel of Jesus
. . . the gospel of Jesus

Allow me to elaborate these three.

Knowing the Gospel of Jesus

Knowing the gospel of Jesus requires knowing Jesus.  This knowledge goes far beyond a mere academic, intellectual proficiency.  I’m talking about the biblical concept of knowing: a growing, personal, intimate relationship with Jesus.

Knowing the gospel involves increasing one’s education about Jesus as well as allowing the Holy Spirit to continually transform us to be more like Jesus.  It means allowing the gospel to redefine who we are and what we do.

Those who know the gospel (and thus know Jesus) will exhibit the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal 5:22-23).  Their relationship with Jesus will be growing.  Yes, they will have times when they struggle, doubt, and sin, but overall, they will be growing in grace and love through Jesus.

Showing the Gospel of Jesus

Showing the gospel is the outward expression of your growing knowledge of the gospel.  It means letting others see our love for Jesus.  Some of the ways we show the gospel are through praise, worship, Bible study, and prayer.  Showing the gospel also involves helping those in need, showing love and grace to those you encounter, and find ways to assist those in need.

As we know Jesus more and more, we’ll develop and every-increasing desire to worship him every day and glorify him through our lives.  As the light of Jesus shines in us, it will (or should) shine out of us and into the world.

Jesus said his people will be known by their love for each other.  Showing the gospel means living out our love for God and for each other.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus

Sharing the gospel is the proclaiming and teaching of the gospel of Jesus.  Sharing the gospel of Jesus is evangelism and discipleship.

As believers, we have a divine calling to make the gospel of Jesus known to all people groups (including those in our neighborhoods).  It’s our sacred mission to teach others how to know, show, and share the gospel.

All three of these go hand-in-hand, with each one influencing the other.  As we know the gospel more, we’ll show the gospel more, and we’ll share the gospel more.

Knowing.  Showing.  Sharing.

How are you doing these in your life?

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